So You’re Telling Me You Love Jesus

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So You're Telling Me You Love Jesus

So You’re Telling Me You Love Jesus but are not members of the Church he started?


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  1. i agree, that isn’t how it should be used. besides, Jesus didn’t start a religion. Everyone was supposed to stay Jewish, and the people that followed Jesus were Jewish and went to Jewish Temples for, I think, at least 100 years after his death. it was certainly a long time. So really, if anything, it’s a problem that we aren’t Jewish

  2. Luke wasn’t Jewish. Christians were booted out of the Synagogues and Temples by Saul before he was Paul. Jesus is the Light of the Nations, not just the Israelites.

    Roses are reddish
    Violets are bluish
    If it wasn’t for Jesus
    We’d all be Jewish

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