Thursday, May 21, 2015

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The song “Ocean” is lead the single off of the new album “The Invincibles” by Fr. Pontifex. The song is about being called by God to the great adventure. “Safer in your waters than these shores is what you promise”, one of the lines from the song encapsulates the meaning of this piece. God may call us to the deep waters, to the unknown and to place that is not comfortable but with that he promises his presence and grace. He walks with us and directs our steps.

Purchase this single and the entire album on iTunes here:…
The album is also available on Google Play and Amazon

Connect with Fr. Pontifex:
instagram: @frpontifex
Twitter: @frpontifex

Track Produced by Kyle Justice…
Background Vocals Yung PK
Engineered by Patrick Preston at 77 Recording Studio

A Spirit Juice Studios Production.

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Hic Darcus Vadorus – This is Darth Vader
Luxgladium tenet – Holding a lighsaber
“Non. Ego sum pater tuus.” – “No. I am your father.”
Hic Lucius Cæliambulus – This is Luke Skywalker
“Imo. Non est verus.” – “No. It’s not true.”

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